Animatic Finalized

I have  the animatic finalized as far as shots, compositions, and timing. Little tweeks will be made as needed, but for the most part it’s done. I have a shot list put together, and I’ll have my rough animation completed in an update later today.

Final Animatic “HSU-NAMI” Senior Film, Music Video from DrMeloche on Vimeo.


Rigging in Maya

Above you can see a little rigging project I have going on. Tomorrow I begin assembling the constraints and binding the rig to the model’s geometry. Right now, all you can see is the skeleton through the model. The model is a simplified cat (provided by my instructor, Liz Van Verth – Assistant Animation Director at Kansas City Art Institute). I’m thinking this cool cat needs a name…Mac! The name must be inspired by the device I’ve been staring into for the past few hours.
The complex table to the right is a portion of the breakdown of the rig. I’m actually REALLY enjoying this process. I’ll be attempting to model and rig a model of project of my own outside of class. I’ve been wanting to work with dolphins in animation for the longest time. The edge flow doesn’t look too complicated to model.