Senior Thesis – Graduation Animation

<p><a href=”″>”Luxy NYE: HSU-NAMI” Doug Meloche</a> from <a href=”″>DrMeloche</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Music video was wrapped up for graduation. It still needs work. I have a collaborator who wants to work with me on trimming some scenes, backgrounds, and fx tunning. Looking forward to working with him on that.


Progress Update

Sorry for my prolonged absence, but now I’m back. With exciting developments to add. All animation was finished 6 weeks ago.
I have been coloring for the past 4 weeks, and now a total of 18 shots are colored. With 24 remaining and six weeks to tackle the project, everything’s shaping up nicely.

This progress check features some color shots, but those are not the final comps (missing digital VFX and backgrounds). So trust me, the final look’s going to blow you away.

More updates tomorrow!

New Pencil Tests!!

I’ve been chipping away at the colossal block of animation which is my senior film (music video). You can see the old pencil tests in the animatic, but here’s what I’ve produced in addition to those. So, I have about the first minute done. YAY!

PENCILDUMP 01 from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

Animatic Finalized

I have  the animatic finalized as far as shots, compositions, and timing. Little tweeks will be made as needed, but for the most part it’s done. I have a shot list put together, and I’ll have my rough animation completed in an update later today.

Final Animatic “HSU-NAMI” Senior Film, Music Video from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

MAPA Animation Celebration 2012

My Film “REMIX” will be featured at the Kansas City Animation Celebration, hosted by the Midwest Association of Professional Animators (MAPA).
It would be much appreciated if you could come out an support me and my class mates. The works of my classmates Ryan Comiskey and Trent Coffin are also playing at this festival. Below is the date and address.

MAPA Animation Celebration Sept. 8 at the Boulevard Drive-in, 1051 Merriam Lane  Kansas City, KS 6610

For more information:

“Remix” ©2012 Douglas R. Meloche from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

My First Show!

My film “Remix” is being featured at the Saint Louis Filmmakers Showcase 2012 in the experimental shorts category.

The finished work will be screened with the films of ten other filmmakers in the same category. The complete listings for the festival screen times can be viewed here (

I am still waiting on confirmation for my film’s acceptance into the Saint Louis International Film Fest, but this small victory shows promise and gives me hope for future submissions.

You can see the official screening of my first film at the Tivoli Theatre in Saint Louis on July 11th (Wed) at 5pm.
The entire screening is scheduled for 84 min.

“Remix” ©2012 Douglas R. Meloche from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

HSU-NAMI ~ 2012 Taiwan Tour

If there’s any band that’s worth supporting, then hands down it’s HSU-NAMI. There universally understood and powerful songs are truly unique, and they have plans to tour in Taiwan this year and put on an unforgettable show. They also have some great perks in place to thank you for your generosity. Times are tight, but if you can manage it they’d greatly appreciate it.