The Artist

    Animator / Writer / Director

My work is centered around creating visuals that generate an emotional response. There is no greater thrill for me than to labor on a sequence of animation, and then have someone tell me how watching it made them feel. For the past year, I have been studying animation at the Kansas City Art Institute. I am truly blessed to be working alongside such talented individuals, and it gives me great hope for the future of animation knowing that there are young artists who share my passion for this unique form of expression.

Animation is in every way a form of entertainment. Whether that entertainment is a saturday morning cartoon or a gallery showing of Norman McLaren, it is clear that audiences have developed certain expectations of what they want to see in film. With that comes an industry that has the goal of meeting those expectations for profit. Animation is costly and time consuming to produce, so I am pleased that there is an industry fueling its production, but this places certain limitations on how animation is being used and creates this idea that you have to “play it safe” and “follow the herd” to be successful. One goal I have is to encourage audiences to push their expectations and experience a broader range of cinema.


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