Baptism In Fire

Hmm, a candle in the window? REO SpeedWagon, anyone? Okay, serious now. The next assignment I’ve bitten into for BCA FX ( is fire. I’ve animated a simple candle flame in photoshop on 30fps. I will be digging into Flash tonight to attempt to recreate this more quickly. I simply cannot keep animating all of this by hand. It looks great, but I need some time saving strategies

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My First Show!

My film “Remix” is being featured at the Saint Louis Filmmakers Showcase 2012 in the experimental shorts category.

The finished work will be screened with the films of ten other filmmakers in the same category. The complete listings for the festival screen times can be viewed here (

I am still waiting on confirmation for my film’s acceptance into the Saint Louis International Film Fest, but this small victory shows promise and gives me hope for future submissions.

You can see the official screening of my first film at the Tivoli Theatre in Saint Louis on July 11th (Wed) at 5pm.
The entire screening is scheduled for 84 min.

“Remix” ©2012 Douglas R. Meloche from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

BCA FX – Lightning Research

Having started my class with Adam Phillips on, I have produced some research animations of lightning. I also learned how to export GIF’s from photoshop…Smashing!


The first two were attempts at nailing down the basic principles and pacing

These last two were turned in to meet specific criteria from the assignment. Each bolt must behave in varied ways while still conveying believable motion.


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