The Official Start Of A Grand Endeavor

I would consider the first actual day of production to have been around March 2, 2012. That was when I got confirmation from HSU-NAMI to not only have creative use of their music, but also received their approval to use this project for my graduation animation. They’re truly a tremendous group to work with, and they have been so accommodating that it has only increased my respect for them. I have always responded visually to music and it’s a project I’ve always been attracted to. When I came across their signature “Progressive ErHu Rock” in the summer of 2007, I knew I had encountered a sound that would be a continuous source of inspiration. I had only dreamed of actually getting in touch with them. So, this undertaking is a huge honor for me. After pouring over their library of work, I selected a track that I felt the strongest connection with and could feasibly animate to based on duration and pacing.

Below is their FULL SONG: “Luxy NYE”, it also includes the first storyboard drawings (don’t get excited, it’s only 5 seconds worth)

Here is a short series of inspirational sketches I produced to start generating ideas for the animation.

My goal is to have finished character Model Sheets and a first pass of storyboards prepared by the start of this April. Since timing and choreography are such an integral part of this project, the storyboards will feel more like a fully prepared animatic, because I have to plan according to the music. That will make for a fun added challenge.

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