Self-Directed Study Progress Report

1. My Personal Hell

All the chaos depicted above has been my personal purgatory for the past week or so. After completing the script, recording the dialogue, gathering sound effects, and editing all the tracks, I finally was able to start digging into constructing the puppets. Needless to say, they have not reached any point of completion. I thought it would save me a lot of time to have the puppets be made from pre-constructed dolls. The difficulty I became faced with was finding a wire that could be used to build joints to hold the pieces together. I have tried everything from kitchen twist-ties to armature wire. All are either to strong and the flimsy plastic will bend before the wire does, or the wire is too flimsy and can not hold the shape they are bent into. I have had to construct, deconstruct, and reconstruct far too many times and now time is running short.

The mouthpiece on the dark haired puppet refuses to close back shut. (4 & 5) I even attached a string to the jaw and strung that through the back of the head to hold the jaw shut. The jaw still manages to have enough force to pull itself back open, but doesn’t hold in place when I force it shut. NIGHTMARE!!

The only successful construction is the tube system in the blonde puppet. (6 & 7) When this puppet “dies” I will have a marinating syringe squeeze ketchup out of the puppets mouth. I have tested the tubing and it will be messy, but it will work.

Since the original plan to have working mouthpieces on the puppets fell through, I am wondering if it  would be more practical at this point to take the Robot Chicken approach and use paper cut out expressions and mouth positions.

The Raindrop puppet is the one that stands the best chance of being finished, because it will be constructed using techniques I have tested before. The only moving parts will be the arms and legs. I’ll be using tougher materials so the wires have a strong enough surface to act against. Wish me luck.

Commando Clint Interview –

Raindrop Interview –

Coomando Clint – Commando_Clint
Bottled Frustration – Bottled_Frustration

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