MAYA Troubles

Maya has this habit of making me feel really good and then taking a cyber dump on my self-esteem.
Here’s my pretty little still life that I modeled and created the materials for. Heck I even lit the thing.

After all the time I put into it, I was feeling really good about the whole ordeal. I was chilling in class, watching the tutorial thiking, “See what happens when you really apply yourself…” Unfortunately, the answer to that question came all too soon.
What on earth happened?! The right side of the composition looks great. The middle can be improved. The cloth decided to take all the shadows and add a dose of stupid. I checked all my light and render settings. They’re fine. I even conformed all the cloth’s Normals once I made sure they’re facing outward like they’re supposed to be.
If there’s any Maya gurus out there, I’m all ears.
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Your thoughts are most appreciated, will reply ASAP

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