This news article I came across has only heightened my sorrow that “Monster of Nix” from Studio Rosto A.D will not be released in the USA, BUT this is all very exciting just the same.

This article does a special effects breakdown of how “Willy” the lead role of Rosto’s latest production was brought onto the screen. Rosto’s style of computer animation has always baffled me. I keep asking, “Was there stop motion mixed in that shot?” or “I would swear that’s live footage”. Turns out that a few members of “U N R E A L” (the Netherlands special effects studio that is working on “The Hobbit”) participated in the process of modeling a 3D scan of a LIVE ACTION actor playing Willy, in costume. Modern motion capture software just wasn’t matching the level of detail needed for this film. So a scaled replica is scanned and rendered into the software and then motion capture is able to step in.

Oh, and just so you have an idea of the finished product…The official trailer!

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