No More Mr.Sadman

I could hardly believe it. It was only my second week back at KCAI and I had already threw myself into a phunk. I had all these drawings finished at the end of the summer and thought I’d have them colored by now. I was letting it get me down. I was bumming because I also hadn’t found any time to dig back into hand drawn animation.

Then amidst my self-induced suffering, a savior spoke these words, “Loosen Up Man”. Studio truly is the greatest place on earth. I figured I had to take the time to draw, because I just wasn’t enjoying my 3D-Modeling stuff.

VIOLA!! I let my pencil fly and something wonderful happened. I began drawing rough sketches that had more life to them then my neat and clean illustrations. You’ll be seeing a lot more of these speedy “fun” drawings. I think I finally found my niche with drawing.

About time I beat that bad attitude. I’m no fun to be around when I get sulky.


Stop Motion Break Through

Daybreaks from Douglas Meloche on Vimeo.

Alright! I have had some considerable progression with animation. While there are a lot of things happening here that I’m proud of there’s still room for obvious improvement:
1) LIGHTING!! (apparently it doesn’t help if all your light sources are behind the camera.)
2) After Effects Post Comp
3) Camera Moves (probably can’t do a smooth one without some kind of stable rigging)

Here is the complete video after all our films were edited together. CHEERS!!

Exquisite Corpse from Matthew Lloyd on Vimeo.