Character Biography – Sample

Well, after some overhaul revisions, I produced at a character biography that I am totally satisfied with.

Life on Germany’s Rhine River is full of beauty and splendor. Clarimonde Gottschalk is descended from medieval lords who built a small fort along the Rhine so they could tax those who passed through their land. Although those days have long passed, Clarimonde’s family has lived there for many generations. Clarimonde’s parents married rather late in their years, and provided her with a classical education. Surrounded by her family’s proud heritage, she quickly developed a love for history and architecture. During her studies to become an architect, her figure often attracted the attention of her male classmates. Being far too occupied with her studies, she doesn’t notice. Her strikingly deep blue eyes do far more than complete a pretty face. Behind her rectangular-frame glasses and untidy, brown hair are the eyes of an accomplished marksman. Clarimonde and her father often go on hunting trips, and discovered her to be naturally skilled with a rifle at a young age.
Being the eldest of her siblings and since her parents are in their late fifties, Clarimonde takes on most of the responsibilities in the home. Some of her favorite pastimes are reading books while reclining on the ruins nearby her home and preparing family meals. Her greatest pleasure is fixing up and maintaining her Trabant, the classic automobile of East Germany and her most prized possession. After completing her architectural apprenticeships, she was commissioned to design and oversee the construction of a new cathedral in Koblenz. This project made her a well respected member of her trade, but gave her little time to socialize. Being somewhat of a workaholic makes her a less social person.
Clarimonde does not have many friends, but she is loyal and reliable to the bitter end. She feels responsible for those close to her and has no problem lecturing them against making foolish decisions. She is a capable and focused individual who rarely loses her temper and avoids sticking her nose into other people’s business. Clarimonde is the most unlikely person to interrupt or speak out of turn. Since she enjoys the outdoors and is often working outside, she prefers to wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. She is patient with others but has no tolerance for selfishness or quarreling. This motherly attitude is attributed to caring for her younger siblings. Clarimonde currently has no love interests. She does not feel the need to have a man in her life, because she is content with caring for her family. Since she is twenty-two years old and has never been in a serious relationship, let alone had her first kiss, she is naive at times. She is often pressured by her mother to take dating more seriously. Her mother’s concern is mainly because she knows that her and her husband are getting older and will one day be gone.
While she is happy with life and knows how blessed she is to have a successful career, Clarimonde can not help wondering what lies beyond her home. Clarimonde is surrounded by enchanting scenery and lives in a very old part of Germany. There is a romanticism and mystical quality to these lands, and she is acutely in tune with her surroundings. When hunting in the forests, she can hear the rustling trees speaking to her. She can feel the ancient energy and humbling presence of the Rhine River. When visiting the castle ruins of times long passed, she can almost see the spirits of those who once lived there. Clarimonde is aware that there are things in this world that cannot be explained, and sometimes fantasizes about mysterious far away lands. Perhaps, one day she will explore distant wonders, but for now, Clarimonde is satisfied and pleased with how her life has turned out. The future is best left to fate after all.
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