Fall Final 2010 from Douglas Meloche on Vimeo.

Here it is in all its hand drawn glory! I present to you the culmination of three weeks labor. I refuse to acknowledge the week I spent doing other things over Thanksgiving Break.

The B&W rendered portion completes the assignment while the roughed out drawings towards the end are the early stages in this becoming a full blown animated short.

My study focused on cycles, cycles, and more cycles…I am so glad to be taking a break from cycles for a while. Being able to execute visually interesting and fluid cycles is an essential skill and I am certainly grateful for the time I invested in this project.

1) Need to completely redo the transitions because the EKG is poorly botched.
2) There is some skating on  the “suitcase walk cycle”, and his hat has heavier line weight than the body.
3) Need to add all the additional content that expands the composition and narrative.

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