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Well, I have been faced with an opportunity, and it came time to make a decision. I am confident I made the right one. I was considering taking a double-major in Animation/Art History. I had to ask myself what I want most of my BFA degree(s).

The answer was simple: I want to ANIMATE! I came to this school because I have the dream of being able to see at a great story told on screen and say, “Look at what you were a part of. You made that!”

If I am to be accepted into a studio, then I need to be at the top of my game. My work is decent, but I have a lot of growing to do. This semester was demanding and although I got things done; I didn’t experiment with the mediums as much as I should have. Why would I slash my time and keep my portfolio from being the best it can be? Dividing myself between two majors just isn’t logical at this point.

Plus, I can always get an Art History degree/certificate after finishing up with the BFA.

I just need to stay on top of my game and really push myself to devote every moment I have to my animations! So, blogging isn’t doing that right now. God Bless and here’s a fancy animation for you to check out.

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