Visual Research 1

Here are five images from a continuing study of composition. Since I will be having to provide scenes for my animations, I am getting into the practice of visually containing a scene.
I find that some of these images offer much more visual interest than others. One idea I am playing around with is how to arrange different amounts of objects in a composition. So, I intentionally photographed scenes with varying levels of  visual interest. Since I am photographing these from an animator’s perspective, I have to consider how to effectively frame environments that have less detail than others. The more complicated the backgrounds in an animation, the more work it is to render it again and again. Our flip-book assignment made that clear to me.
Oh, I just took this about twenty minutes ago and simply had to upload it. I would like to crop this to be a narrower landscape shot, but I uploaded the original file so you could see how I composed the shot with the camera. The only part I just can’t stand is the fluorescent lights that pop up on the right side.
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