Bouncing Ball

Bouncing Ball from Douglas Meloche on Vimeo.

At long last!! It’s finished, at least for the time being. The major issue I ran into was compensating for the change of force in the bounces whenever the ball changes direction. I had to make it believable while maintaining enough momentum to keep the ball bouncing for the allotted time. I ran into some issues while importing the video from the “Lunchbox”. I kept getting these odd skips and pauses during the process. So, I tried my best to edit them out.

I did have to make considerable changes to the under layer when it came to how many frames each bounce would be. Since I wanted to experiment using varying speeds, I had to continuously adapt to how the movement progressed.

Another project I fully intend to revisit (when I’m really, really, bored).

MAJOR ISSUE= I just noticed this, the video stretched my ball vertically. The first squash and the ball in resting position are very distorted. I’m not sure what happened to cause this distortion.

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1 thought on “Bouncing Ball

  1. GET RID OF the shadows that appear on the walls!! Nice idea, but it looks unintentional. Keep the shadows on the ground where they belong.

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