Golf Swing Sequence

Golf Swing Test from Douglas Meloche on Vimeo.

I combined two tests into a single video upload. Unfortunately, I didn’t reach the point where I found a movement cycle I was satisfied with. I didn’t want to delay my bouncing ball any further. So, I do plan to revisit and complete this project. 
(Each test will repeat once.)

In the first test,
Well, I aimed for a more technical approach by working with the body in segments. One major problem is that some of the limbs move in an unnatural way. Two, the length of the club shouldn’t have been foreshortened as much as it is here.

In the second test,
I am pleased with how the figure starts out. I got some nice movement at the beginning when he takes a breath and focuses, but I can’t ignore the fact that his feet start shrinking. He shouldn’t be moving back in space. Once I realized the figure’s change in proportion, everything fell apart from there.

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