Senior Thesis – Graduation Animation

<p><a href=”″>”Luxy NYE: HSU-NAMI” Doug Meloche</a> from <a href=”″>DrMeloche</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Music video was wrapped up for graduation. It still needs work. I have a collaborator who wants to work with me on trimming some scenes, backgrounds, and fx tunning. Looking forward to working with him on that.

Progress Update

Sorry for my prolonged absence, but now I’m back. With exciting developments to add. All animation was finished 6 weeks ago.
I have been coloring for the past 4 weeks, and now a total of 18 shots are colored. With 24 remaining and six weeks to tackle the project, everything’s shaping up nicely.

This progress check features some color shots, but those are not the final comps (missing digital VFX and backgrounds). So trust me, the final look’s going to blow you away.

More updates tomorrow!

New Pencil Animation

The final stages of the the animation process are drawing near. Here are a few pencil tests taken from my most recent work. At the start of February, all rough animation will be complete. My final semester at KCAI will be dedicated to coloring, compositing, and editing. I’m in good shape to meet my deadline in May.

My homemade multi-plane camera system is reaching completion as well. I’ll be able to produce clean and consistent tests with this little marvel. Just cut a hole in an old coffee table and I’ll be attaching a camera mount for my DSLR.

Practical Uses For Old Furniture

New Pencil Tests!!

I’ve been chipping away at the colossal block of animation which is my senior film (music video). You can see the old pencil tests in the animatic, but here’s what I’ve produced in addition to those. So, I have about the first minute done. YAY!

PENCILDUMP 01 from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

Animatic Finalized

I have  the animatic finalized as far as shots, compositions, and timing. Little tweeks will be made as needed, but for the most part it’s done. I have a shot list put together, and I’ll have my rough animation completed in an update later today.

Final Animatic “HSU-NAMI” Senior Film, Music Video from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

Animatic Progress

Will have rough animation posted once I have it in a presentable format. I’ve finished animating about the first minute in rough animation and chunks of finished shots. Official presentation of progress in October 22. Wil have comprehensive progress report assembled by that time.

<p><a href=”″>Senior Thesis “Hsu-Nami Music Video” Rough Animatic</a> from <a href=”″>DrMeloche</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

“HSU-NAMI: Luxy NYE” Progress Report

FirstTest_”HSU-NAMI – Luxy NYE” music video from DrMeloche on Vimeo.

With the new school semester kicking off, I have been hard at work producing finished animation to present. Also, I have finalized conceptual art (model sheets) for characters below. Enjoy.

The Official Start Of A Grand Endeavor

I would consider the first actual day of production to have been around March 2, 2012. That was when I got confirmation from HSU-NAMI to not only have creative use of their music, but also received their approval to use this project for my graduation animation. They’re truly a tremendous group to work with, and they have been so accommodating that it has only increased my respect for them. I have always responded visually to music and it’s a project I’ve always been attracted to. When I came across their signature “Progressive ErHu Rock” in the summer of 2007, I knew I had encountered a sound that would be a continuous source of inspiration. I had only dreamed of actually getting in touch with them. So, this undertaking is a huge honor for me. After pouring over their library of work, I selected a track that I felt the strongest connection with and could feasibly animate to based on duration and pacing.

Below is their FULL SONG: “Luxy NYE”, it also includes the first storyboard drawings (don’t get excited, it’s only 5 seconds worth)

Here is a short series of inspirational sketches I produced to start generating ideas for the animation.

My goal is to have finished character Model Sheets and a first pass of storyboards prepared by the start of this April. Since timing and choreography are such an integral part of this project, the storyboards will feel more like a fully prepared animatic, because I have to plan according to the music. That will make for a fun added challenge.