Walk It Out

I’m not thrilled with how this walk cycle turned out, but the general idea comes across. This is somebody just struttin’ their stuff. I really spent too much time over thinking the poses and it ended up losing it’s character in the upper torso and the arms.

Just A City Boy…

Now, Journey? What’s with the band references latel?
Just putting up some pictures I’ve taken in the local urban areas. Union Station is obviously one of my favorite places to collect my thoughts. Oh, and be forewarned, if you want to shoot footage at this location, then it will cost you a hefty fee. A friendly security guard made me aware of this fact, and I decided against taking any more pictures.

Walk This Way

I’ll never apologize for an Aerosmith reference. Now to business, Here are a few selected views of my first completed walk cycle in Maya. The offset action in the neck, shoulders, hips, and arms is what really sells this and breaks away from some of my earlier (more robotic) attempts. I provided multiple views to give a better sense of the overall movement.

Collaborative Animatic

This animatic is the product of two weeks work with Amanda Freeman, a fellow classmate. She is truly the major workforce behind this project. She did everything that is finished and in color. I have some animation (not colored) and a few stills to act as placeholders for animation that will hopefully be finished within the next few weeks.

Pencil Test Depot “100% Raw Animation”


I blame this website for the loss of all my free time. I just can never get enough of watching these. To know the finished product and then see the drawings; I suppose this is how astronomers feel when looking at nebulae. You know the beauty that is clear and present to everyone else, but you gain a totally different understanding of it when you see its birthmother.

If you go to this site, then you simply MUST check out anything/everything from “The Prince Of Egypt”. It’s only my opinion, but that is by far one of the most inspired and well crafted animated films that Dreamworks has ever produced. I am very disappointed that they have broken away from hand drawn films when they clearly posses such talent. Taking the stark imposing style of the Byzantine Empire and making it move so fluidly is truly an achievement.

Pose For Me, Luv

I have started working with a rig in Maya to get the hang of setting up key frames. Each pose was created with a specific emotion in mind. There are some things I need to fix after becoming more acquainted with the foot controls and working the hips. The emotions I selected were: Sexy, Sophisticated, and Fastidious. I won’t tell you which ones are which. The poses should speak for themselves.